On the release of Apple’s new iPad, iLuv® has unveiled its spring-summer collection of covers to adorn Apple’s latest gem in the season’s trends.

Simple, clean and professional for work, or fashion-conscious and bright for slipping under your arm or slyly poking out of your purse: why choose between them?

iCK836 The Professional WorkStation Portfolio Cover with integrated keyboard

The case for your favourite tablet. This portfolio cover was specially designed for those who use an iPad as their main work tool. In rigid black leather, it opens and closes like a book, revealing a removable Bluetooth AZERTY keyboard directly connected to the tablet.

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Available for the recommended retail price of €99.90.

iCC831 Ulster Portfolio Cover The new Multi-Position iPad Cover

Globe Trotter Special Available in black, grey and brown, this cover is for those used to travelling with their tablet. Its novel design combines rigid materials to protect the tablet’s screen and back and flexible materials with hinges for folding. With this cover, the user has several viewing angles and can position the tablet either upright for watching a film or flat for browsing the internet.

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Available in 3 colours at the recommended retail price of €39.90.

iCC839 CEOFolio Portfolio Cover The new multi-use iPad cover

Your office at your fingertips. Put your giant bags away. For your next appointment, simply slide your tablet, stylus, business cards and your notepad - in fact, everything on your desk - into the spots provided, and you’re ready to go!

Open the Portfolio cover and the presentation you spent so long preparing will appear on the screen, in its upright position thanks to its base.

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Available in black at the recommended retail price of €79.90.

Icc834 Ultra-thin OrigamiFolio Cover The new multi-angle iPad cover.

And here’s the Origami range: multi-coloured and multi-angled, folding whichever way you want. Available in green, pink, black and blue to match your mood, the Origami cover lets you have multiple viewing angles. Tip: its doubly magnetised structure puts the iPad on standby mode when you close the cover, just like a Smart Cover!

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Available in 4 colours at the recommended retail price of €69.90.

Icc834 Great Jean Portfolio Cover The new Multi-Position iPad Cover

This one isn’t for a professional audience; the denim makes it more relaxed. The denim style makes this stand out: for masters of presentation. Dedicated entirely to PowerPoint specialists, this cover integrates a novel device so you can position your tablet in the most convenient position for your audience. Available in black for serious meetings with the board of directors, or in an all-out denim style for "marketing types."

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Available in 2 colours at the recommended retail price of €49.90.

Icc837 Dungarees Portfolio Cover with a stand function for the new iPad

Clever. Resembling an envelope, this cover can be used standing upright to watch a film or flat to browse the internet. Available in black and denim, which gives it a more relaxed feel, the cover is both practical and crafty, as it is compatible with automatic standby when it is closes.

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Available in 2 colours at the recommended retail price of €79.90.

Icc845 Epicarp Ultra-Thin Cover for the new iPad

Subtle. To keep things discreet, there’s nothing like the Epicarp. Although ultra-thin, it protects the tablet’s screen and back. Its magnetic front cover puts the device on standby when closed.

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Available in 4 colours at the recommended retail price of €49.90.

icc2012 Festival Protective Cover for the iPad

Retro styling. In red or blue, lined interior, mini zippered pocket inside. It’s the must-have accessory for career girls on the go!

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Available in 2 colours at the recommended retail price of €34.90.

icc2011 Belgique

All terrain. Made from neoprene on the outside and lined in fleece inside, the Belgique model is highly shock-resistant and all-terrain. It’s for klutzes and daredevils of all descriptions, male and female. Coming in hot pink, Hermes red or black, you might say it’s life insurance for your tablet.

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Available in 3 colours at the recommended retail price of €29.90.

All these products are available on the website http://www.i-luv.fr/

Sound Mobile is this season’s It outdoor speaker. Who claims they can do without the instantly recognisable, trendy ball of colour this summer? In the sun poolside, on a picnic, on a walk or a ride, or for an evening out in the fresh air, Sound Mobile will never leave your side.

Using a mobile, MP3 player, tablet or PC (provided they’re Bluetooth™-equipped), listening to your playlist is easy: just activate the feature. Sound Mobile can go anywhere, thanks to its wireless feature.* And its battery recharges in light.**

With a style straight out of the 70s, the little speaker is waterproof and withstands extreme temperatures, operating between -10 and +60 degrees Celsius. It can function nonstop outside in sunlight, and inside under lamplight thanks to its light sensor. Its battery lasts over 10 hours in case there’s bad weather.

And the icing on the cake: If you are playing music from your phone and it rings, the answer button lets you pick up directly on the device!

With SOUND MOBILE, TELEFUNKEN wishes a music-filled summer to all technology and music fans. Yellow, orange, green, blue or purple: this summer’s must-have comes in five bright colours!

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